Ana 2

Mystic Circuits

Ana is a cross modulation powerhouse that derives nine different continuous/analog logic operations in tandem from two input signals.

Each input channel features a processing section that attenuverts, adds, or multiplies up to six inputs before being sent to the cross modulation circuits. Ana performs a wide variety of functions including mixing, boolean logic, rectifying, cross-fading, voltage sampling, ring modulating, gate converting, bizarre wave shaping and much more. While you may have seen these functions in individual modules before, Ana combines them all into one place with all of these functions available simultaneously to give you a swiss army knife utility that is capable of happy accidents.

At its core, Ana performs as an Analog Boolean Logic Processor, but while the output of a normal boolean logic circuit is usually always a gate -- high or low --, analog logic can both process and output any kind of voltage signal, functioning the same with gate signals but giving all of the inbetween values for non-gate signals. This means that Ana works great with modulation sources, note sequences, and even audio. 

Ana2 features two channels.  Each channel features 3 inputs; an attenuverted input (which is jack normalled an offset.) A sum input that unity mixes with the channel, and a CV input which controls the attenuverter knob, turning it into a bipolar VCA.

Logic Types:

  • MIN Minimum of both channels: outputs the lowest voltage between both of the input channels.
  • MIX Mixture of both channels: outputs the sum of both of the input channels.
  • MAX Maximum of both channels: outputs the highest voltage between both of the input channels.
  • XOR Exclusive OR of both channels: a somewhat unique take on a through-zero VCA that uses clamping instead of attenuation of a signal.
  • CUT Bizarre non-linear combo: best I can do is that it is sort of the crossfader version of the XOR output's VCA. Gives some nice wave folder-y shapes. 
  • MAG Magnitude: gives the difference between both channels, handy in that this output is always positive so great for filters and VCAs.
  • STEP Track and hold: an output that is the sum of 2 track and hold circuits where both the clock and sample inputs are derived from the input channels.
  • SWAP Switch output: an output where both channels are dynamically switched on or off, output is either channel 1, channel 2 or 0.
  • BOX Bipolar comparator: outputs a 3 level square wave that allows us to pulse-width modulate the positive and negative portions of a wave.
  • Also functions as attenuverter, bipolar VCA, attenuator offset.  Even more functions can be derived from clever use of the outputs!





35mm depth