Cockpit 2
$209.00 Cockpit 2 - now with increased headroom and lower price! Cockpit is a mixer that is designed to function as a final output with the ability to mix in a stereo channel or two of external devices, saving you from lugging an outboard mixer to a show when you just want to use a modular with another device like a drum machine or ipad or external synth!

Cockpit is a four (mono or stereo) channel mixer with a stereo output that can be modular or line level. These four channels have enough gain to be used with line level instruments if desired. Cockpit also features a stereo output that can output line or modular level, and a Sidechain duck feature that responds well to envelopes or audio!


  • 6 HP width, up to 1 1/3“ in depth

  • 4 stereo channels performance mixer – the missing link to the full 84 HP full Shuttle system

  • Connect your studio synthesizers/iPad/drum machine/mp3 player to be mixed altogether with the rest of your modular gear

  • On-board compressor with external sidechain control voltage option to add proper dynamics to your mix

  • Stereo output for speakerphones or headphones with enough current to drive a wide range of headphones

  • Specifications:

    75 mA +12V
    40 mA -12V
    0 mA 5V
    33 mm deep

    Cockpit Manual