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Ana is an analog logic utility that can perform a wide variety of functions. At its core Ana is a set of four diode logic circuits and signals derived from those circuits. However, Ana differs from other logic modules in that it can process variable analog signals and give a variable analog output instead of just binary on-off gates. Use Ana with one input and gain six outputs all related to that input, or feed Ana with two signals and get six cross-modulation processes. With two input controls which work as either attenuverters, offsets or static values Ana can process audio, sequences, modulation and even video in a huge variety of ways.


ANA is a utility module comprising six functions that combine two inputs. These functions are:

  • MIN – compute the minimum of the two input voltages

  • MAX – compute the maximum of the two input voltages

  • VCA – compute the XOR, or multiplication the two input voltages

  • MAG – compute the difference between the two input voltages

  • STEP – perform a track and hold based smooth/ stepped process from the two inputs

  • BOX – perform a bipolar comparator process resulting in a 3 level square wave

‍The front panel controls are used to attenuvert or offset the input signals depending on how ANA is patched:

  • Patching a signal into either IN1 or IN2 will make the corresponding knob function as an attenuverter

  • Patching a signal into either SUM1 or SUM2 will make the corresponding knob function as an offset

  • Patching into both inputs will attenuvert the signal patched into either IN1 or IN2 and add the signal patched into either SUM1 or SUM2

  • Leaving all inputs to a channel unpatched makes the corresponding knob a static offset

  • The attenuverters are able to boost an incoming signal by a factor of 2

ANA lends itself to a wide variety of functions, many of them performed simultaneously. Here is a short list of them:

  • Process CV with gain and offset.

  • Multiply signals as a through-zero VCA with unique character.

  • Add harmonics by rectifying a signal.

  • Create pseudo random sequences.

  • Distort incoming signals under voltage control

  • Compute Boolean logic on gates or continuous voltages.

  • Extract Gates and sequences from modulation signals.


6 Hp
34 mA +12V
31 mA -12V
0 mA 5V
21 mm deep

ANA Manual