Buchla 292t Quad Lopass Gate

Tip-Top Audio
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The legendary Buchla 292 Quad LPG, now available from Tip Top Audio in Eurorack format!

The 292 contains 4 lowpass gates with manual "cutoff" control and switchable modes, Gate/VCA mode (giving a VCA response) Lopass (which works as a 1 pole lowpass filter and gives a sort of woody thunk when pinged) and BOTH mode which gives a typical ringing Low Pass Gate effect.  Each LPG has it's own output and a summed output of all four is available.

LPGs are great for giving a natural sounding amplitude control, and can double as basic filters, either by patching in series or by attenuating your envelope (with a 257t for instance) so that the filter doesn't open all of the way, leaving it partially filtered.


16 HP

45mm Depth


  +12V 87mA

  -12V 36mA