Buchla 258t Dual Oscillator

Tip-Top Audio

Welcome to the Buchla & Tiptop Audio 200 series project. In this project Buchla USA has teamed up with Tiptop Audio to resume the production of Don Buchla’s 200 series and convert it to Eurorack standards!

This module is an accurate reproduction of the Buchla 258, featuring two independent voltage-controlled oscillators that can be crossfaded from sine to saw and sine to square respectively. Each has one processing input, a frequency modulation input and a 1V/oct input. Waveshapes, as well as frequency, can be voltage controlled. Model 258 oscillators feature low sine wave harmonic content, negligible settling error, and high short and long-term stability, even with rapidly changing ambient temperatures.  Known for it's organic waveshapes and extreme FM, the 258 is a special set of oscillators!


Size: 18HP

Depth: 45mm

Power: +12V 70mA / -12V 40mA