Buchla 207t Mixer and Preamp

Tip-Top Audio

The Tiptop 207t is a modern reimagining of the classic Don Buchla 207 Mixer/Preamplifier from the 1970s 200 Series. This stereo mixer comes with a built-in preamp that allows you to boost external instruments and microphones, making it a versatile tool for any modular setup. The 207t also features a six-channel mixer with a variety of signal routing options, including the ability to route channels to the monitor and L&R signal outputs, with per-channel control over loudness and panning.

Each channel has a Mon switch that sends the channel's signal to the monitor outputs, which are always full-volume and summed to mono, making it useful for basic monitoring applications or rudimentary mixing. The Prog switch sends the signal to the L&R signal outputs, with loudness controlled by the Level Adjustment slider and panning determined by the Channel Assignment knobs. The first and sixth channels offer voltage control of panning; these channels are hard-panned when no CV is applied.

The preamp section features a 1/4" input and multiple gain settings, making it suitable for use with external line level instruments, electric guitars, or dynamic microphones. The continuous amplification control provides added flexibility for your audio needs. Finally, the Expansion In is a stereo input that sums to the left and right main outputs, which is great for chaining multiple 207t modules or adding another stereo source at the final output.

While the 207t's functionality may be simple, it is an essential part of any 200t system, serving as the glue that holds everything together. The Tiptop 207t is a fantastic mixer/preamp option that delivers quality sound and reliable performance.


6 Channel Mixer with Manual and Voltage Controlled Panning

Pre-amp Input for External Instruments

Chain input for Chaining Multiple Mixes

Dual outputs - Channels can be sent to both main output or monitor output - each channel has mute switches for each destination


Size: 28 HP

Depth: 28mm

Power: +12V 90mA / -12V 85mA