Buchla 266t Source of Uncertainty

Tip-Top Audio

The classic Buchla complex random source, now available in Eurorack format from Tip Top Audio!

The 266t source of uncertainty has three main random output sections;

  • Two Fluctuating random voltages (wiggly random perfect for modulating timbre and more)
  • Two Quantized random voltages (think of them as dice with voltage controlled number of sides, and with some self patching can create chaos-type random distributions.  One outputs in 1v intervals and the other in semitone intervals for various musical purposes) 
  • Two Stored random voltages (two stepped random outputs, one with weighting controls so you can skew the random lower or higher.)

Also includes an analog noise source with Pink, White, and Blue Noise, which are great as noise sources in a patch, or they can be patched to the included sample and hold for additional random outputs with different distributions.  The sample and hold functions as expected but also includes another trick - the pulse input is passed to two outputs that flip flop with the incoming pulse and function as two /2 clock dividers, and there are two additional outputs for the sample and hold that are triggered by those alternating pulses to give alternating outputs of the main sample and hold (each only activating every other pulse.)  A voltage controlled integrator is also included to slew the random voltages or any other voltage for portamento or sliding effects. 

With a huge amount of random outputs and different ways of generating the values, it's easy to use the 266 to produce more interesting distributions than the typical modular random source!  



25mm Depth

150ma @+12v

100ma @ -12v