Quad Inverter

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Quad CV Inverter / Audio Buffer

You can almost always find a use for an inverse voltage. Use a single voltage source for panning and crossfading your VCAs and filters. Make your kick sound huge when you use inverted envelope to duck out your main mix. The inverse is always complementary.

Flippin’ Fantastic

Each output is a buffered negative version of the input. e.g. if an input is fed a 2v cv signal, the output will be a -2v signal. Audio inputs are inverted and phase shifted by 180 degrees. All outputs are normalled to the inverter input below it.

This is not used for inverting gates. For this you need a offset attenuator, or a logic inverter as found on the Plog module.


  • Inverts up to four incoming signals.
  • Cascading architecture feeds outputs from one to another, top to bottom.
  • Slim 2HP footprint.


Width 2HP
Depth 29mm
4mA @ 12V
17mA @ -12V

Quad Inverter Manual