VU002 Quad Frequency Doubler


Quad frequency doubler: each stage doubles the signal frequency and stages are chained together to multiply the signal at the input by x16.

Switching jacks allow to break the connection between each stage to use them individually.

One stage can be used to:

  • convert a ramp/saw signal to triangle signal
  • multiply a triangle signal by a factor of 2
  • multiply a sine signal by a factor of 2 (output sine is glitched)
  • solarize a video signal

Inputs: 0-1V, 100kohms
Outputs: 0-1V, 499 ohms

Built Modules assembled by Sytonie!


38mA +12V
37mA -12V
0mA +5V
50mm deep

Designed for Eurorack Analog Video Synthesis