Stereo Dipole

The Stereo Dipole is a Quad Multi-Mode VCF featuring single, dual and quad peak filter outputs.

Comprised of two identical filter sections that can be used independently via the dedicated Resonance (RES), Primary Cutoff (FREQ) and Secondary Cutoff (SPREAD) controls as well as in tandem via the STEREO FREQ and STEREO RES controls in the center of the module.

Both the Left and Right Channels feature Single Peak POLE and Dual Peak DIPOLE outputs. High Pass, Low Pass and Band Pass outputs are individually selected via the switches, situated above POLE and DIPOLE. The Dual Peak DIPOLE output can be routed either in Series or Parallel with the main POLE VCF while maintaining all possible configurations of the Selected Filter Types. Series and Parallel combinations will provide capabilities such as 24dB/OCT HP/BP/LP, Variable Width Band Pass and Notch as well as other obscure filter combinations.

In addition to the A, B and Stereo 1V/OCT Inputs, the SPREAD CV Inputs may also be used as direct and accurate 1V/OCT (temperature compensated) control of the Secondary Peak on each channel.

Designed to be clean or characterful, the Stereo Dipole is not intended on achieving any one type of sound. From clean frequency based panning to complex phasing and formant synthesis and over-driven squelchy bass lines, Stereo Dipole offers an environment which is simple enough to use, while providing the versatility to push your sounds to new territory.


  • Stereo inputs
  • Pre-Filter Input DRIVE Control on each channel
  • FREQ controls over both Primary and Secondary VCF
  • Secondary Cutoff Frequency can be spread (matched or offset) +/-5 octaves
  • DIPOLE AB, a Quad Peak Monophonic Output
  • RESONANCE from nuanced to Self-Oscillation across the entire bandwidth of 20+ Octaves
  • VCF cores Track 1V/OCT and Temperature Compensated
  • Fully functional as a Single, Dual and Quad Sine Wave VCO/LFO
  • Series Routing configuration allows for additional tonal oscillation capabilities
  • SPREAD CV Inputs lend 1V/OCT control of the Secondary Peak on each channel
  • Attenuators for STEREO RES, RES A/B and STEREO FREQ
  • Polarizing Attenuators for each Channel’s FM CV input
  • RGB LED indication for Cutoff Frequency and Resonance Position


150 mA +12V
150 mA -12V
0 mA 5V
23 mm deep