Dual Cycling Varispeed 5-stage Voltage Controlled Envelopes but with a twist - rather than switch between envelope types, Multi-Envelope outputs multiple types simultaneously, allowing you to modulate one part of your sound with an AHDSR for instance, while modulating another part of your sound with an ADASR envelope, all using the same single channel.

Multi-envelope provides great shapes for use with things like LPGs such as hold envelopes and delayed envelopes, allowing you to pull more control out of an LPG.  On the top envelope, each Envelope stage outputs a pulse that can be used for trigger to gate or delayed triggers (also great for pinging LPGs, or great for patching to the second envelope for even more complex shapes.)

Provides time compensated variable curve, and manual trigger button.  Also provides end of cycle pulses that can be self patched to create cycling functions.  A serious favorite module of ours for any west coast system!  Per Verbos:

"Reimagining the envelope generator, several shapes of 4 stage functions are available simultaneously on each of the two parts in the Multi-Envelope. From the same set of controls and voltage control inputs, each shape has its own dedicated output. All at the same time... Delay Attack Decay Sustain Release, Attack Hold Decay Sustain Release, Delay Attack Hold Release and (on the upper generator) Attack Decay Attack Release. End pulse outs allow chaining and looping. Gate and Trigger inputs can be used alone or together to control re-trigger characteristics. The "shape" control blends continuously from linear ramps to RC curves typical of East Coast Synthesis, without changing the overall time. The upper generator also has gate outs that are high during each stage."



90ma @+12v

60ma @-12v