Leaves - Tree Expander

Mystic Circuits

Leaves is a versatile CV sequencer expander for Tree (and actually Turing Machines too and any other modules that host Turing Machine Expanders.) Leaves enables many complex sequencing possibilities with multiple inputs and outputs and the capability to daisy chain many expanders to a single host. Designed with non-linear sequencing in mind, Leaves is the beginning of a set of expanders intended to grow Tree from a unique sequential switch into the center of a flexible modular sequencing environment.

Leaves contains 8 sliders and acts as an 8 step sequencer based on whichever Tree stage is selected.  Multiple Leaves can be connected to a Tree for multichannel sequencing.  While leaves has a standard sequence output, it also has another 3 outputs that only output 4 stages of the sequence each - one that only outputs step 1-4, one that only outputs step 2-6, and one that only outputs step 4-8.  Each of these outputs and the final 8 step output feature inputs that unity mix incoming voltage with their respective sequence, which enables use for transposition or for generating complexity, and multiple separate but related voltages can be created from a single sequence.

Each of Leaves four outputs correspond to a different range of sliders and each of those outputs has its own dedicated transpose input.  All outputs can have a 0 - 5V range but by default the final output (which reacts to all eight sliders) has a 0 - 2V range which makes it more useful for note sequencing.  This also makes the slider's center detent indicate one octave of range whereas setting the slider fully up gives two octaves of range. The sliders feature an eye-catching eight color LED rainbow that corresponds to the colors on the host Tree, making it easy to identify which steps are active across an entire range of expanders.

Designed to compliment Tree, Leaves uses the open source Turing Machine expansion protocol which allows it to attach just as easily to a classic Turing Machine, Vert, and other Turing Machine clones such as the Grayscale Permutation.  As such, Leaves is fully open source and all relevant files are hosted on our Github page.  Much attention was paid to the expander port itself, each expander port is buffered at the input to avoid issues when many modules are chained together. The expander ports are duplicated to allow for easy daisy chaining of many modules to be hosted by a single expander.



35mm depth