CV/Gate Expander

Malekko Heavy Industry

3HP Expander that adds 4 channels and 8 outputs of Midi to CV to the MALEKKO SYNC module.

CV/Gate is an expander module for Malekko Sync (connects via 6-pin cable included). Malekko SYNC sends incoming MIDI information or trigger information to CV/GATE expander outputs in 3 selectable modes (Mono, Poly and Drum Trigger Modes).


  • 4 sets of CV/Gate connections
  • 3 way mode switch:
    Mono (MIDI channels 1-4 sent separately out cv/gate jacks 1-4)
    Poly (4 notes sent over channel 1 to the 4 cv/gate jacks)
    Drum Trigger (notes C1-G1 send gates out of the 8 jacks).