Gateway - Terminal Expander
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Gateway is the expander for the Grand Terminal module, providing additional controls for the Grand Terminal Envelopes as well as providing an auto-tuner system for external oscillators.

Patch V/oct to the autotuner circuits before passing along to your oscillator of choice or when using the Grand Terminal Envelopes as oscillators, and patch a spare output of that oscillator to the TUNE IN jack - press an A note on your sequencer or controller and hit the TUNE button to instantly retune your oscillator to the nearest A note!


  • Gives you access to Terminal’s and Grand Terminal’s deep functions to get more control over the envelopes and the capabilities to use them as oscillators

  • Improved tuners with revolutionary autotune algorithm – tune your VCOs in a second to the signals nearest A note – just press the button

  • Dual utility 1+1 attenuverting mixer with DC-offset shift, can also be used as course/fine controls with tuner

  • Compatible with both Terminal and Grand Terminal modules


70 mA +12V
30 mA -12V
0 mA 5V
26 mm deep (super skinny for the tinest skiffs!)

Gateway - Grand Terminal Expander Manual