Bark Filter


The Verbos Bark Filter is a 12 band spectral filter with envelope followers - great for extracting CV from inputs, rudimentary vocoding, stereo-izing mono inputs, simple "EQ" like sound sculpting, or for use as a nasty lowpass, highpass, or variable width bandpass filter with a sort of vocodery flavor!  Of any eurorack spectral filter, it sounds the most like a buchla 296 to us! (not like that glass jar "resonator" type sound most have, although it's notable that the bands on the Bark filter arn't quite spaced the same as the 296, they are instead spaced based on the "bark" scale.)

The Bark Filter Processor is a 12 band fixed filter bank with individual outputs and envelope followers on each band as well as a voltage controlled mixer for blending the outputs. The filters are steep, 6th order bandpass filters with yellow LEDs indicating the level at the envelope followers’ outputs.

The voltage controlled mixer has sliders and individual CV ins and draws the, “center”, “width” and “tilt” controls from the Harmonic Oscillator allow- ing the fixed filters to be scanned across blended and mixed in various ways, all at the same time. The even and odd filters can be patched in and out separately and one side’s followers can control the other side’s levels like a vocoder.


• 34HP

Skiff Friendly Depth!

• 210mA +12, 185mA -12