0HP - Butt0n

Mystic Circuits

0HP Modules are passive circuits you can use to add utility without adding another module!

The 0HP Butt0n from Mystic Circuits is a deceptively useful yet simple entry into the 0HP modular line.  Two buttons that work in tandem to create a variety of switching behaviors. Use either the latching or momentary button to activate or deactivate two connected signals. Some clever routing also allows the latching button to change the momentary button from normally open to normally closed. Similar signal paths to our 0ttenuator module allow both channels to be used separately, two signals to be mixed together or one signal to be sent to two destinations.  Feed an offset to Butt0n for a push button or latching gate!


Since the modules are passive, some signal loss and distortion should be expected. The user is expected to keep cables away from the top of the circuit board. While in 99.9% of cases an accidental short circuit is not an issue, Mystic Circuits, Eli Pechman or any of our retailers assume NO RESPONSIBILITY for modules that are accidentally damaged by doing so. This expectation follows same logic as not plugging an output into another output or touching your cables to the panels, which are common safety practices expected to be followed by the end user.