0HP - Blinkus

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0HP Modules are passive circuits you can use to add utility without adding another module!

The Blinkus is a cluster of LEDs that is essentially a classic ring modulator circuit.  Every input is also an output and all inputs clamp each other to create weird wobbly cross-breeds of each other at the outputs.  Oh yeah, and it blinks.

‍This is definitely one of our more experimental 0HPs but it isn't just a gag. The module has four jacks that all function as either inputs or outputs where all of the inputs clamp each other in different ways for each output. This means that you can have three voltage sources combined to one output, one voltage source can be turned into three different outputs, and and two inputs can create two different output signals. Each output is a weird wobbly version of all of the inputs, anything from ring modulated distortion to bizarre modulation shapes and logic gate functions.


Since the modules are passive, some signal loss and distortion should be expected. The user is expected to keep cables away from the top of the circuit board. While in 99.9% of cases an accidental short circuit is not an issue, Mystic Circuits, Eli Pechman or any of our retailers assume NO RESPONSIBILITY for modules that are accidentally damaged by doing so. This expectation follows same logic as not plugging an output into another output or touching your cables to the panels, which are common safety practices expected to be followed by the end user.