VU007b Sync Generator & RGB Encoder

RGB to Composite/S-Video/Component encoder

Sync Generator capable of the following standards:
  • 288p50
  • 240p59.94
  • 576i50
  • 480i59.94
  • 576p50
  • 480p59.94
  • 720p50
  • 720p60
  • 1080i50
  • 1080i60
  • 1080p25
  • 1080p30
selected by the mean of 3 slide switches.

RCA sync I/O at the rear of the module

Professionally Built by Syntonie!


120mA @ +12v
65mA @ -12v
20mm depth (with ribbon cable attached but not with RCA cable attached - could be closer to 45mm depth with right angle rca cable)