Vorticies (Hi-Fi Edition)

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Vortices HiFi is a limited release version of the original Vortices. The HiFi version offers the same mixing topology without the tape compression, overdrive and high frequency roll-off. All inputs of the HiFi version are DC coupled, now allowing use as a full spectrum control voltage mixer in addition to audio. Featuring a total of 14 inputs and 7 outputs in a relatively compact 16hp form factor (18hp with VCA CV expander).

Vortices accommodates mono and stereo sources, broken respectively into two mix bus sections, providing separate mix outputs as well as a Master Mix split stereo output and a Master stereo jack output on the back of the module.

The separated outputs and auxiliary inputs are provided to accommodate effect chains, feedback patching and end of chain mixing solutions as well as general sound processing, panning and cross fading applications.

Auxiliary Mono mix inputs provide additional unity gain inputs to the mono and stereo mixers for summing external mixes, fx returns and other general uses.

The headroom of all final mix outputs is approximately 20Vpp before additional hard clipping of the summed mixes occur.



26mm Depth


110mA @+12V

105mA @-12V

0mA @+5V