Thyme Plus

Bastl Instruments

THYME+ is a digital tape machine that transcends typical delay effects and spans across various multi-effect categories. Though proudly digital, THYME+ operates with the metaphor of an analog tape delay machine, offering adjustable tape speed and positions of the read heads. Multiple read heads (multi-tap) enhance density and complexity, while feedback and filters govern the richness or darkness of the echo tails.

Each sound effect parameter comes with its own dedicated Robot, offering a modulation source that extends beyond an LFO with envelope follower, external CV modes, and waveshaping. Yes, that means 9 parameters and 9 modulations – a universe of sounds to explore, whether through manual tweaking or with the assistance of finely tuned randomizers.

THYME+ adds a lot of unique spice and texture to your audio sources, capable of transforming them into a sound designer's dream. Integration into larger setups is a breeze with MIDI, analog clock, and CV inputs. THYME+ even brings in a footswitch input for instrumentalists.

At its core, THYME+ features 8 preset buttons that store custom effect settings of its flexible processing chain. The presets can be played manually like an instrument or sequenced by the onboard sequencer. Therefore, not only are the presets interesting, but also the transitions between them!

THYME+ represents an updated and innovated version of the iconic THYME released in 2017. Alongside improved connectivity, a better audio codec, and a few firmware tweaks and refinements, the new version’s hardware is enhanced with a compact metal enclosure, larger knobs, and a sleeker faceplate.


  • Analog Input Gain knob up to +20dB
  • Multiple tape read heads
  • 9 adjustable parameters with LED signalization
  • Each parameter has a dedicated modulation source – a Robot
  • Each Robot is a powerful modulation source: LFO, envelope follower, ext. CV
  • Options for stereo Robot modulation, phase shifting, and more
  • Randomization of parameters
  • Rhythmical quantization of Delay time and Robots
  • Low-pass & high-pass filter
  • FREEZE button for creating Tape Loops
  • LINK button compensates for the change in Delay time caused by adjusting the Tape Speed
  • Tap tempo
  • Internal or external clock for synchronizing Delay, Robot, or Sequencer
  • Internal memory for 8 presets organized in 8 banks (64 presets)
  • Copy & paste presets even between banks
  • 32-step sequencer with 4 patterns for sequencing presets
  • 2 sequencer modes: Live & Write
  • Karplus-Strong synthesis method
  • Stereo/mono input and output
  • MIDI input
  • Analog clock input
  • CV input 0–5V (volt per octave for Tape Speed and Delay Time)
  • Footswitch jack for BYPASS