The Runner

Moffenzeef Modular

The Runner is a compact and feature rich drone synthesizer made in collaboration between Moffenzeef Modular and Boy Harsher.  From sweet, mellow, chorus-rich, detuned washes to walls of brutal harsh noise, the runner is designed to create excellent drones with little effort.  


Utilizing a carefully catered set of macro controls rather than cramming as many parameters onto the interface as possible results in a drone synth that will deliver a pleasing result with the knobs in any position and sounds that morph and evolve over time.  This instrument hopefully eliminates the need for complicated setups or a deep knowledge of synthesis theory to create a wide variety of excellent drone sounds.


THE RUNNER is powered by a “Boss style” center pin negative +9vDC power supply. This power supply is commonly used with guitar pedals. (power supply not included with purchase).

Controls include:

  • GAIN: Overall gain of analog distortion circuit. 1x to 100x.


  • VOLUME: Overall volume. ~3v peak to peak - ~6v peak to peak.


  • RANGE: Speed range for ANIMATE knob. up = fast, down = slow.


  • CHORUS: Chorus on/off switch. Chorus has a fixed rate and depth.


  • RESONANCE: Resonance control for lowpass filter.


  • CUTOFF: Lowpass filter cutoff frequency. 80hz - 15khz.


  • NOTES/HZ: Quantize on/off for pitch of the root oscillator. Up = fixed chromatic pitches, down = free running oscillator.


  • PITCH: 27.5hz - 440hz when quantize is off. Musical notes A0 - A4 when quantize is engaged.


  • HARMONICS: THE RUNNER has 5 square wave oscillators that are controlled by the same pitch knob. The HARMONICS knob is a crossfader to mix between them all. 0-25%: Sub oscillator 25-50%: 5th above root pitch 50 - 75%: 1 octave above root pitch 75 - 100%: 2 octaves above root pitch 11. ANIMATE: A complex random LFO that is routed to the filter cutoff and all 5 of the oscillator’s pulse width . This knob controls both the speed and depth of the LFO. The LFO will ebb and flow on its own without any human intervention. When ANIMATE is all the way down, the LFO is off.