ShortBus V3 (Black)

Low-Gain Electronics
A Midwest Modular all-time favorite!

The Short Bus is a 7 input 2 output analog OR/MAX logic combiner and router, absolutely perfect for combining several streams of triggers and gates to create complex rhythms!

Analog OR logic is also called MAX because rather than adding the signals like a mixer, it will take whichever voltage is highest. This is perfect for triggers and gates, as if you combine 7x 5v gate signals, you will get a 5v gate out, where if you used a conventional mixer you would get a 35v gate out! (if your mixer even allows it.) The shortbus will also ignore negative values and can act as a half wave rectifier.

Patch several CV sources to the inputs and use the switches to route them to either output A, B, or nowhere. Patch several LFOs to get a more complex LFO! Our favorite patch is to use it to use a clock divider to create a more complex rhythm - perhaps patch /3. /7. /11. /13. and /24, to the shortbus (or any set of complex rhythmic triggers or clocks) and use the short bus to combine those, perhaps sending to the two clock inputs of Make Noise Rene - toggle the switches back and forth to create complex rhythms for each clock input!

Another fun side effect is that when combining triggers and gates, a high gate will "block out" triggers as the voltage stays high and is prevented from going low, and trigger inputs are looking for a sharp rising edge above 0 - playing with the pulse width of your trigger sources can add another layer of complexity!

The Low-Gain Short Bus is passive, so while no power is neccesary be aware that there is some amount of "droop" in the signal, which isn't all that much but does make it ineffective as a manual switch between v/oct sequences. (It's more meant for rhythms!)

6HP, 0mA (Passive)