MIDI Looper

Bastl Instruments

Midilooper is a device that listens to MIDI messages (control information about notes, dynamics and other parameters) and loops them in a similar way an audio looper would loop pieces of audio. However, loops of MIDI messages remain in the control domain, which means a lot of other processes can happen on top of them - timbre modulation, envelope adjustments etc.

Since looping is one of the fastest and most intuitive ways of music-making, we made the controls of the Midilooper quickly accessible to encourage uninterrupted flow.

Midilooper can be synchronized either by MIDI clock or analog clock, or it can also run on its own clock (tap tempo/free running).

Midilooper has 3 voices that can each be assigned to a different MIDI channel, allowing it to control and loop 3 different pieces of gear. Each voice can be individually recorded, muted, overdubbed, or cleared.

Midilooper also offers some basic processing of the recorded information: transposition, velocity locking and shifting, quantization, shuffle, humanization (random variations of velocity), adjusting the length of the loop, or doubling and halving of the playback speed.

In addition, it features CV and trigger inputs to integrate with modular synths: reset, retrigger, velocity, and transpose. It can also be controlled by connecting foot pedals.


    • 3 independent voices (each has MIDI channel assigned)

    • Overdub/overwrite tracks

    • Transpose mode including octaves

    • Quantize, velocity lock, shuffle, humanize

    • Odd loop-lengths and time stretching supported

    • Track Mutes


      • One MIDI Input and two MIDI Outputs

      • Clock input (accepts analog clock or TRS MIDI Clock)

      • Analog reset input

      • Metronome output

      • CV input connectivity (transpose, velocity, re-trigger)

      • Pedal control (record, clear, voice selection)

      • USB powered

      • Adjustable divider/multiplier for analog clock

Bastl MIDI LOOPER Manual