3-bit DAC Keyer for Eurorack Video Synthesis!

Isohélie is a term used in french versions of graphic editing softwares to describe posterization, it is formed on ancient Greek “iso” meaning equal and “hêlios” meaning sun/light.

Each channel is based around a 3-bit ADC/DAC which will quantize the input signal into 8 equal steps, resulting in 8 different color shades. Processing a full RGB signal with the 3 channels will constrain it to 512 possible colors.

The bitswap features allows to swap the 3 bits together before they’re summed by the R2R DAC, which result in a colorization effect and can be controlled up to video rate.

All 3 signal inputs and CV inputs are normaled together.

Powered through standard Eurorack connector or DC barrel.


230mA +12V
0mA -12V
0mA +5V
42mm deep

For Eurorack Video Synthesis