The HEXvca is 6 independent VCAs with 3 mix outputs. Each VCA is switchable between a linear and exponential CV response. The CV inputs are normalized using jumpers on the back, so 1 or 2 gates or EGs can affect several VCAs at the same time.

With headers on the back the HEXvca can be triggered by the HEXar using a ribbon cable eliminating the need for patch cords. There is also a 6 pin header for the audio inputs for future expansion without patch cables.

The MIX section allows the HEXvca to be a voltage controlled Mixer, channels 1-3, 4-6 and 1-6 have dedicated outputs. The VCAs are DC so the VCAs can be used for audio or CV.



30mm Depth

The HEXvca uses SSM2164 VVCA chips that provide plenty of headroom, very low distortion/noise and use very little power. The HEXvca is 7HP and around 30MM deep. You can never have enough VCAs but with the HEXvca it’s easier to have as many as you need.