Axxent Metron Expander

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AXXENT is an expander module for the METRON trigger and gate sequencer and adds 16 "accent" gate outputs. Each track is specifically tied to METRON tracks, making it a very intuitive addition to any METRON sequencing ecosystem.

Use AXXENT to send signals to additional envelopes, slews, drum accents, and other gate triggered functions.


  • 16 additional gate outputs for METRON

  • Accent tracks are tied to Metron tracks for ultimate inuitivity.

  • Get back tracks once used for accents!

  • Integrated user interface with METRON

  • Easy to program and learn

  • Fast tactile interface


Width: 4HP
Depth Including Cables: 43mm
Typical Power Consumption:
+12V: 40mA,
-12V: 0mA
METRON will need its Firmware updated to support AXXENT.
Only one AXXENT per METRON can be used.