Animate is a quadrature low frequency oscillator with triangle, sine and square waveform outputs, with 4 outputs 90 degrees apart for each waveform.

It features a coarse tune to set initial frequency and a fine tune so it can be set to slowly scrolling up and down when used at audio rate. CV inputs allows to modulate the frequency using an external signal, it is normalized to 1V to widen the frequency range available from the coarse tune.

Frequency range: 0.01Hz to 600Hz

An 8HP expander allows to add 4 more waveforms (saw, trapezoid, shark and chainsaw).

Powered through standard Eurorack connector or DC barrel.


90mA +12V
0mA -12V
0mA +5V
42mm deep

0-1v voltage range for eurorack modular video synthesis