LZX Industries

ANGLES is a 12HP ramp generator with 24 fixed outputs at 15 degree increments from 0 degrees (H-Ramp) to 345 degrees. It can also be used as a general purposed fixed ratio mixer by patching the inputs. It's a protractor for your patch!

Angles provides Vertical and Horizontal Ramps, as well as their inverted versions.  These ramps get combined and then output as 24 different mix outputs with preset level ratios to give tilted ramps, but the ramps may be replaced with external inputs to create new combinations.

LZX Gen3 Design Standards

  • Long lifespan jacks 
  • Integrated ultra low noise power supplies.
  • Powered via 12V DC barrel or EuroRack power header.
  • Mounting depth 42mm max, with either power option installed.


  • 12HP EuroRack Module
  • Max Depth: 42mm
  • +12V Power Consumption: 175mA

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