Zeus Access

Tip-Top Audio

The Zeus Access provides an easy way of linking an external power supply to the Zeus Power System using just 4HP of space. Together with the Zeus Studio Bus board and a few simple steps, you can now power up a modular system with ease!

The Tip Top Audio Zeus Studio Busboards provide some of the best and most robust power available in eurorack and is our favorite solution for a mid to large sized eurorack system and homemade or custom cases. This module provides a power jack and switch that can be connected to up to 3 Zeus Studio Busboards. While this module is not totally neccesary, and one can buy their own power jack and even skip the power switch, it's an extremely low-cost and easy solution for those building their own cases who are more comfortable with woodworking than electrical connections.

Residing on the left-most side of your case, the Zeus Access supplies a convienent interface to easily power the Zeus Powered Bus Board system from the external Cincon-TTA laptop-style universal power supply. The Zeus Access can be installed in a Eurorack case with a maximum depth of 5.5 inches as the connecting leads are 7.5 inches long. This balances usability while maintaining the audio-grade power of the Zeus Power System. The Zeus Access contains an On-Off toggle switch and 2.5mm DC Barrel Jack (Center Pin +,) from which two terminal-fitted leads can connect to the +15V and GND connections of the Zeus Studio Bus board. Both the switch and barrel jack are rated for a maximum load of 5 Amps, perfect for powering up to 3 Studio Bus Boards.

The Access is fully compatible with the Cincon-TTA Universal Power Supply, a power supply that we custom made together with Cincon Taiwan for powering the Zeus Studio Bus System. These supplies can be used with mains voltages from 100 to 220V without the use of a transformer, only the proper country outlet plug adapter.

NOTE: This module does not provide power; only a switch and plug for connecting Zeus Studio Busboards to a Cincon power supply. Those looking for a module that provides power rather than using Zeus Studio Busboards should look at the Tip Top Audio uZeus or Happy Ending Kit.