About Us

Midwest Modular
43 Main St SE
STE 225
Minneapolis, MN 55414
Tuesday - Friday
11:30 - 6
Available by Appointment outside of those times.


Founded in 2017, Midwest Modular is Minneapolis' premiere shop for Eurorack and Modular Synthesis.


We are dedicated to providing excellent expertise and hands-on access to tools for experimental electronic musicians. Modular synthesizers are not nearly as complex as they look, but they are difficult to learn about and picture using on your own-we are here to help you achieve your musical goals!  


Midwest Modular was founded by Joseph Novak, store manager of a previous synth shop in Minneapolis and long time Eurorack user who holds dual Bachelor Degrees in Music Synthesis & Sound Design and Music Production & Engineering from Berklee College of Music.  


Located in the Riverplace Building in the St. Anthony Main area of Minneapolis, we are open to the public in a beautiful part of town with easy parking.  As a web store, we are dedicated to fast shipping and provide free shipping within the continental US on all modules as most products via coupon code Ship.  


We try to reuse and recycle and limit our trash output as much as possible-shipping materials such as filler and bubblewrap may be reused during shipments provided it's still in good usable quality.  We are dedicated to ethical sales and will never willingly violate MAP agreements with our manufacturers, whose efforts are essential to this community we cherish and respect.


Minneapolis let's get weird!



Joe Novak