uZeus PSU with Flying Busboard

Tip-Top Audio
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the μZeus is a 4hp power supply module for eurorack format synthesizers, providing a simple and low cost way to power eurorack modules.

The μZeus also includes two ribbon bus boards; the ribbon bus boards are approximately 14 inches long and each cable features 5 connectors (so 10 connectors total on a stock μzeus). addition flying bus boards of the same spec can also be purchased. An extremely simple system-all you have to do is plug in your modules and play.

the μZeus mixes linear and switching power technology to produce 1000ma at +12v, 500ma at -12v and 170ma at +5v. it uses a standard +15v dc non-regulated wall adapter for power.

The uZeus does not include a power supply-one must puchase the Tip Top 1000mA universal power adaptor or can double the capacity of the uZeus to 2A by purchasing the 3000mA Mantis/uZeus boost universal power adaptor.