Queen of Pentacles

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Queen of Pentacles is a new 7 voiced drum module from Endorphin.es! Similar to BLCK_NOIR but now based on the Roland TR-909, featuring 3 analog drums and four sampled sounds stored in user-replaceable banks on a MicroCF card! Includes analog filter and great digital effects for processing your drum sounds!


  • Analogue-based: bass drum, snare drum and clap

  • 4 sample-based drums (e.g. hi-hats, ride and crash cymbal – or simply use your own samples via SD card)

  • Zero-latency sample playback directly from SD card

  • Hybrid analog sound generation: 3x band-limited LSRF binary noise generators with spectrum animation, injected into discrete analog circuits

  • On-board effect processor with 2 banks consisting of 16 effects in total, including additional auxiliary input and firmware update over audio

  • Master isolator-style LP/HP filter with VCA control and saturator booster

  • Drums that make you dance: Fit all music styles of music – specifically tuned for EDM and Techno

  • Factory sample banks by Nicolas Bougaïeff (Mute, Novamute) including processed custom sampled Paiste 602 cymbals


350 mA +12V
90 mA -12V
0 mA 5V
27 mm deep

Queen Of Pentacles Manual