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Performance-Focused Multi-Channel Mute Module!

Mutes is a simple utitlity module at heart - it contains four channels of input, output, and manual switch which acts to mute the signal.

Mutes is a high quality build and the mute switches are 3 way switches allowing for OFF (center), ON (right) and MOMENTARY ON - by pushing to the left the module will also unmute the channel but will spring back to OFF when you let go - perfect for little flourishes!

Muting is vactrol based, which ensures no clicking and provides a quick pleasent vactrol decay when muted.

Inputs are also jack normalled to cascade - if you patch a signal to input 1 and don't patch input 2, input 2 will automatically also recieve input one, all the way down the line. This is handy for say, routing CV or triggers to multiple sources in a performance setting!

Mutes is the perfect simple muting solution for CV or Audio!


  • 3 way momentary - off - on switching

  • LEDs to visualise signals

  • Buffered and cascading normalising of inputs

  • Black metal panel

  • Vactrol based muting

  • Free Knurlies inside!

  • Free Glow Worm cable included too!


50 mA +12V
32 mm deep