MWM Vector Space

Worng Electronics
Limited Edition Vector Space with Midwest Modular Panel!

Here at Midwest Modular we love modular synthesis not just for the hands on and intuitive workflow or deep customization, but because it allows access to more esoteric tools and techniques. Vector Space is the perfect example of the kind of thing we love here; a module that turns your existing CV streams in a patch into brand new ones and bends control voltage in ways that are harder to acheive with conventional tools like VCAs and mixers. We are proud to present the limited edition Midwest Modular Vector Space! The same great module but with a custom Midwest Modular panel, limited to less than 20 units (I'll know the exact number once I decide how many to keep for myself -jNov)

Vector Space builds on the concept of spatial CV mixing pioneered by the Wiard JAG and moves into three dimensions, as well as adding additional complex outputs, letting you generate seventeen interrelated voltages from three CV inputs, using 100% analogue circuitry. Use it to generate a large number of complex modulations from a small number of simple sources, and vastly increase the amount of modulation you have in your system. Try running three sequencers or stepped voltages to the inputs and then running the plane outputs to a number of VCO frequency inputs for complex countermelodies, run LFOs or random voltages in to get complex modulation voltages out, it works particularly well feeding the outputs back to modulate the speed/shape/etc of what's being fed in, things can get very complex very quickly.

The switches shift the expected input range from +/-5V to 0/10V to use with either bipolar or unipolar sources, or use the switches as another input source by switching them in real time.

Feed it 3 stepped randoms and get 17 stepped randoms out!


+12V: 150mA
-12V: 120mA
+5V: 0mA
Depth: 25mm

Vector Space Manual