Bastl Instruments
BASTL's Kompas is a three-dimensional clock probability navigator that is great for dynamic and generative rhythmic sequencing. When fed a clock, Kompas generates 3 random 32-step trigger patterns based on the probability settings of each channel. Changing the panel control or modulating with CV will generate a new pattern. The three controls are longitude, latitude, and altitude. Longitude is pseudo-Euclidean probability, latitude is all-pseudo-random probability, and altitude is probability in between longitude and latitude. The reset input resets the channels to the beginning of the 32-step pattern. Kompas is inspired by non-linear approach to music and life, and will provide a new source of inspiration for your music making.


  • Three-channel probabilistic trigger generator

  • Clock input, reset input, three CV inputs

  • Three trigger outputs

  • Three algorithms for random trigger generation

  • 2/4/10ms trigger length (selectable via boot settings)

  • DIY friendly, featuring the reprogrammable ATMEGA328 chip


5 HP
+12V: < 30mA
no -12v or +5v
35mm deep (skiff friendly)

Bastl Kompas Manual