Dual Mantis Case Brackets

Tip-Top Audio
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Use this Tiptop Audio Mantis Bracket kit to join two Mantis cases together, and enjoy an impressive 416HP of Eurorack case space! Installation is simple, and all you'll need is a Phillips-head screwdriver.

The Tip Top Mantis is one the best values in eurorack - it's among the most affordable 208hp cases, it's durable and attractive, and it has much better power than the average case! Now you can combine two of these Mantis cases into a mega case!

Tiptop Audio Mantis Bracket Kit Features:

  • Bracket kit for joining two Mantis Eurorack cases together for 416HP of case space


  • Simple installation, with all hardware included


  • Includes left and right brackets, two adhesive foam strips, 12 Phillips screws, 12 nylon washers, and 3mm Allen wrench