Moffenzeef Modular
Dial Up is a new take on drum synthesis. For one, all of its functions have been siphoned down to a single knob that discombobulates its internal algorithm for unabashedly glitchy effects. At its core, the module is a glitchy noise source fed into a transistor VCA with an integrated decay envelope. The decay parameter can be manually altered via the Tail knob and three-position switch (which selects between low, medium, and high decay ranges), while the glitch scramble can be remotely controlled via the corresponding CV input. There's also a Bang input that accepts trigger signals and doubles as an envelope follower.


  • Glitch drum in 4HP!

  • Decay knob with 3-position range switch

  • Bang input accepts triggers and doubles as an envelope follower

  • Glitch parameter features bipolar CV for remote control over glitch amount


30MA +12V
15MA -12V
0MA 5V
Depth: 20MM

Moffenzeef Dial Up Quickstart Guide