Tip-Top Audio

The Crash Cymbal and Ride Cymbal from the Roland TR-909 in eurorack format-a true techno powerhouse!

The module was designed, tuned and tested to sound like the crash and ride sounds from a 909 fresh off the factory line. The sound circuits use a combination of low-fi 6 bit sound samples that pass through a series of analog elements that provide envelope and filtering to the source sound.

TipTop Audio enhanced the circuits by adding manual and voltage controllable tuning to each voice which result in a wide sound range: from hard industrial sound at the low end to the original crash/ride sounds to brilliant HihHts at high settings.

Like other TipTop drum voices also the Cymbl909 has high output level, allowing you to further enhance the sound by distortion and clipping. Play dynamically with the volume of the drum sounds with the Accent parameter, whose CV input is normalized to the gate input. Which means you just need to turn up the accent knob to play the sound with full punch.


  • Crash: tune CV input; gate input, normalized to accent CV input; Crash audio output
  • Ride: tune CV input; gate input, normalized to accent CV input; Ride audio output

Add MixZ mixer module to combine and sum multiple Tip Top drum modules via the eurorack power bus-patch cable free!


60 mA +12V
40 mA -12V
0 mA 5V
28 mm deep