Blue Steel System Stand

Make Noise
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The perfect stand for a 6 or 7u 104hp system, such as a Make Noise Case or Shared System or an Elite Modular portable 208!

Allows a system to be held at 10 different angles, and folds reletively flat for transpot.

Bluing is a process that protects steel against rust; it is named after the blue-black patina it creates. We love the way it looks. If you've ever been to Make Noise, then you saw the first Blued Steel in their shop, which is the Make Noise sign made by artist and welder Erik Lowe of Vector Custom Fabricating. Make Noise worked with artist and metalsmith Justin Turcotte to create a sturdy system stand meant to hold up the Make Noise Black and Gold Shared System. These are designed by Tony, Justin, and Kelly, and handmade by Justin in his studio just down the road from Make Noise.