The BLCK NOIR is a drum machine voice based on the CR-78 with some extra features giving hybrid sound generation, digital noise generation gives spectrum animation, going well beyond the classic circuit

The unit also features on-board effects processor with 8 effects and a new looper mode, FX bus, as well as a DJ styled analog filter for high or low pass filtering. Drums are summed or can be sent to individual outpus, and external sources can be added to the drum bus. Drums also feature velocity controls.


  • 30 HP/TE width under a black panel, <3/4“ in depth

  • 7 drum voices in the analog kit: bass drum, snare, tambourine, closed and open hi-hats, metal beat and cymbal

  • Hybrid sound generation: band-limited digital noise with spectrum animation, injected into analog circuits

  • Full discrete analog generation part, using inductor coils instead of op-amps

  • On-board effect processor with drum-oriented 8 effects with additional auxiliary input and firmware update over audio

  • Drums that have character: fit all styles of music – specifically tuned for darkwave and techno

  • Separate analog outputs and isolator-style resonance filter for main mix outputs


240 mA +12V
75 mA -12V
0 mA 5V
20 mm deep