Auto Pilot
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Auto Pilot is a two channel autotuner for eurorack oscillators!

Insert a sequence and pass it along to an oscillator - take a spare wave output from that oscillator and pass it back to Auto Pilot, then set the sequence to an A and hit the TUNE button - in seconds, it will detect the pitch and adjust the CV until the oscillator is producing an A, autotuning that oscillator for you; perfect for live performances!


  • 4 HP/TE width, <½" in depth
    (super slim & therefore shuttle friendly)

  • Improved tuners with revolutionary algorithm – especially in low range

  • Alternative 440 or 432 Hz root A scale added: selected mode saved on next power up

  • Tune your oscillators instantly, just apply the Autopilot in between the pitch CV and apply the reference wave play an A note from your sequencer or CV keyboard – now a single tap on the button tunes your oscillator to the closest A note


25 mA +12V
15 mA -12V
0 mA 5V
13 mm deep - incredibly skinny for the tiniest skiffs!

Auto Pilot Manual