Rampes Ramp Generator


Rampes (pronounced /ʁɑ̃p/, french for ramps) is a video ramp generator and sync extractor, supporting the following formats: 288p50/240p59.94/576i50/480i59.94/576p50/480p59.94/720p50/720p59.94/720p60/1080i50/1080i59.94/1080i60/1080p23.98/1080p24/1080p25/1080p29.97/1080p30

The format is detected and selected automatically.

In video, a ramp is a signal which produces a gradient that goes from minimum to maximum during the line interval (horizontal ramp) or the frame interval (vertical ramp). By mirroring and further processing them, it is possible to generate 2D shapes. Rampes also features horizontal, vertical and Odd/Even sync outputs, which allows to sync other video modules, as well as audio modules.

On its left side, Rampes features (top to bottom):

  • horizontal and vertical ramps with their inversions
  • mirrored horizontal and vertical ramps with their inversions

On its right side, Rampes features (top to bottom):

  • Horizontal, vertical and Odd/Even sync
  • Diamond, Rectangle, Cross, Star and Ellipse shapes

Rampes requires a sync signal over RCA to operate, coming either from a sync generator module, or an external video signal (Composite or Y from Component).
The module is powered through standard Eurorack connector or DC barrel.


200mA +12V
0mA -12V
0mA +5V
45mm deep

Professionally assembled by Syntonie for Eurorack Modular Video Synthesis!