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Two simple stereo eurorack output pads with a stereo input pre-amp, Xchangr is perfect for interfacing eurorack with line level gear or just using as a pair of stereo outs!

Xchangr is designed for low noise exchange of audio signals between high-fidelity stereo pedals and eurorack systems. The module features three stereo channels—two sends and one receive—each with switchable 12 or 18 dB boost/cut to interface with digital pedals and line-level processors.


  • Ultra-low noise buffered level scaling designed for stereo effects pedals

  • Two stereo sends with selectable -12/-18 dB attenuation

  • One stereo receive with selectable +12/+18 dB amplification

  • Functional as auxiliary line-level audio input and output

(As a note, this module is only designed for bipolar/ac audio signals and not for control voltage, as it uses special filtering to remove DC Offsets.)


8 HP
38 mm Depth
+12 V 11 mA
-12 V 11 mA