A-138o Performance Mixer Outputs


The Doepfer A-138o is the output portion of the A-138p Stereo Performance Mixer Module. It is necessary to use both together - It does nothing without the Stereo Mixer and the Stereo Mixer does nothing without this output module. 

This module provides the Stereo Output and Aux send and return jacks for the stereo mixer, and provides a master output level knob and master send and return level knobs. 

The A-138o combines with the A-138p to provide a stereo mixer with mutes, panning, and aux send and return.  The A-138p is a four channel mixer module but multiple can be connected to the a-138o to create a larger mixer!


4 HP

40 mm deep

20 mA +12V

20 mA -12V

0 mA 5V