Guillotine 1u (Intellijel Format)

Ritual Electronics
Guillotine is a true stereo hard clipping distortion in Intellijel 1U tile format. Its insane amount of gain can also be used as an instrument adaptor (guitars, basses, microphones…) as it can bring line and mic levels to modular levels. Don’t expect it to be clean though…

Guillotine is two channels of hard clipping distortion with up to 25dB gain. If you process mono signals you can self patch the module to chain the two channels for 50dB gain. Insane amount of gain guaranteed.

Guillotine has an internal feedback routing allowing for two distortion colors per channel. The result is similar to a low pass filter, but not quite. The lower position gives emphasis on the low end, the middle position is straight up distortion, with no coloration & the higher position emphasizes on the high frequency content.


26 mA +12V
26 mA -12V
mA 5V
35 mm deep
NOTE: This listing is for the Intellijel 1u Tile format and is not sized to be compatible with Pulp Logic 1u Tiles