Variable Waveform Generator

Sputnik Modular

The Sputnik Variable Waveform Generator is a discretetriangle core oscillator with waveshaping per output; an original design by Andrew Morelli inspired by Buchla designs.

The module features 5dedicated audio outputs - sub oscillator, pulse, sine, saw and triangle - and a dedicated animation control per output (excpet for the suboscillator). It also has a vco/lfo switch,both linear and exponential FM inputs with attenuators and excellent tracking.


Sine Output:
Sine output features an integrated wavefolder, with the animation slider controlling the level of the folding. Outputs a standard sine wavewhen slider is down, and negative CV pushing the value below the slider minimum will cause the output to attenuate or duck, perfect for AM/Ring mod like effects or VCA effects! Output features a switch that alternate between symetrical foldering and asymetrical folding, with higher fold values creating higher levels of asymetry!

Sawtooth Output:
Slider controls the position of additional saw waves for an animationeffect, perfect for thickening or motion or supersaw like effects! Features a three position switch that determines if it outputs one, two, or three offset saw waves.

Triangle Output:
The triangle wave is processed through an overdrive circuit, with the animation slider controlling the amount of drive - Outputs standard Triangle when the slideris down, and like the sine output using negative CV to push below the lowest slider value will attenuate the output for AM effects. Features a switch for distortion flavors:
ODD: typical soft saturation overdrive on top and bottom peaks.
EVEN: an asymmetrical soft saturation overdrive– increases width anddrive of the top side while decreasing the width and overdriving thelower substantially less, producing more even harmonics.

Pulse Output:
Slider controls the pulse width. Center position produces a 50/50 pulse. Switchable between
EDGE: standard PWM between upper and lower wave cycles. Approximately10/90% duty cycle with slider.
CENTER: PWM between rising and falling edges of the pulse. Approximately10/90% duty cycle with slider.

Sub Output:
Subocillator output creates a square wave, switchable between -1 or -2 octaves below the main tuning.

Other Features

    • VCO/LFO mode.
    • Linear FM: AC coupled with attenuator.
    • Exponential FM: DC coupled with attenuator.
    • V/OCT tracking FM.
    • Coarse and fine tune controls.
    • SYNC: Hard Sync, works with any waveform for varied effects.
    • 14hp