Super Synthesis
The PHRSR (phraser) is a two channel 1-16 step knob recorder / sequencer. Complex sequences with independent step lengths can be created quickly and intuitively. Great for modulation of anything in your synth. Channel A is on the left, B on the right.

CLK: a rising edge on the CLK input will increment the step. External clocking is realized through "hard-sync" of the internal clock. A pulse is output from the CLK output at each increment.

DC: The value to be written into a sequence.

REC: When pressed, the value of DC overwrites the current step's value. When STEPS is also pressed, the length of that sequence will reset to 1 and increment with each clock pulse until either STEPS or REC is released.

Rate: Adjusts the internal clock rate.


45mA at +12v
5mA at -12v