Veils 2020

Mutable Instruments
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New 2020 Version of Mutable Veils now includes sliders instead of knobs for the CV attenuators, slimmer form factor, and dedicated offset knobs, making it better than the original in every way!

Veils provides four VCAs with an adjustable response curve-you can never have enough VCAs!

Veils’ outputs are daisy-chained, allowing adjacent groups of 2, 3, or all 4 channels to be mixed together.

Veils will output a gain factor of 1 when in linear mode with a 5v envelope. It will output above 1 when fed CV above 5v, with a factor of 2 in Linear and 10 when fully exponential. The main sliders act as cv attenuators.

The Cornerstones of Modular Patches

VCAs are absolutely essential in a modular system, for example for:

  • Shaping the amplitude or timbre of a tone with an envelope
  • Animating a mixture of several oscillators
  • Controlling the amount of filter modulation with a random source or a touch controller.
  • Applying an envelope on the linear FM signal hitting an oscillator


25mm deep

Mutable Instruments Veils User Manual