Used Arches

An amazing tactile controller and sequencer based on the Buchla 223!

Arches is an 84hp, fully enclosed eurorack module that can be transplanted into any portable case for deep integration and transportability. The metal casing houses the external 12VDC jack and the full set of MIDI and USB connectors.

Arches can create up to three concurrent independent keyboards, each one with its own sets of outputs and its own arpeggiator. For each of the keyboards you can define the standard (eurorack, buchla, v/hz), the note associated with every ‘element’ and aWith this powerful modularity you can control up to three voices for melodic and rhythmic stuff, having the free lightplanes as a mean of modulating other parameters of your setup/patch. On top of this you have the layered functionalities that can run in parallel (one 8 step sequencer and one 8step, 5 track drum sequencer.

NOTE: This is a used item and contains the unit with case and power supply - it will include a box but not the original box.