TOOL-BOX is a collection of six useful and often overlooked synthesizer utilities.

This module includes a two input voltage summing section, a signal rectifier, bipolar comparator, analog OR (maximum), an inverter and a voltage controlled toggle switch.

    • SUM input for summing two sources. Unity mixers are handy for transposition or for simply sending two modulation sources to one input.

    • RECTIFY input for positively rectifying bipolar signals. Performs absolute value on incoming voltage, flipping negative voltage positive. This can be useful when using a LFO as a sequence source, as quantizers and some oscillators often ignore negative voltage.

    • COMPARE is an open ended bipolar comparator. When the positive voltage input is higher than the negative voltage input, the output will be high gate. Feed the negative input with an offset to create a CV "threshold" or combine two CV sources to produce chaotic clocks and gates!

    • ANALOG OR also known as a MAX, outputs the dynamic maximum value of two inputs, so it outputs the highest voltage at any given moment rather than the sum. This is perfect for combining streams of trigger or gates or for combining modulation sources into something more complex.

    • INVERT is a single input inverter, flipping the phase of the input.

  • SWITCH is a manual and voltage controlled toggle switch. This switch features two inputs and one output-press the button or send a gate to alternate which input is going to the output. Perfect for creating ratchets-just send a fast clock with a slower division to the inputs!


20 mA +12V
20 mA -12V
0 mA 5V
25 mm deep